Monday, January 28, 2008

Warm and Cozy By The Wood Stove

Here in Vermont we create amazing
connections to land and food year round! We see red currents on a bush in our yard and turn them into wonderful wine that we share with family and friends. We hunt, and our freezers become full of amazing cuts of venison and moose, which we then share with family and friends.

Recently I had the pleasure of enjoying venison back straps wrapped in crisp maple-smoked Vermont bacon as a treat before dinner. Unforgettable indeed! In the summer we grow spicy garlic --with roots back to Germany-- that we savor in the cold winter months. The local bakery makes wood-fired artisan bread that is truly the best vehicle, for slow-roasted caramelized garlic. We find cheeses made in small batches by hard-working Vermonters in our independently-owned grocery stores. Winter also supplies us with local chicken, raised in a natural, stress-free environment as nature intended. By the wood stove, we are keeping it all sweet with community and of course our local maple syrup and wild honey.

These are just some of the many ways we are staying local in Vermont this divine winter season!
Explore your own town and see what special foods you find.

Be well and keep in touch,

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Chef Idol for the week?

Submit your favorite recipe. Each week Star 92.9 along with myself will select the top 5 recipes. Then it’s up to you, the listeners, to decide which recipe is worthy of being the Chef Idol for the week. Starting Saturday January 19th, 2008, check back to this page to vote for your favorite then watch as Lana and I cook up the winning recipe online. The winning recipe will receive a free Chef Inn Training class to sharpen their cooking skills alongside Chef Courtney.Don’t forget about the big finale, as the winning recipes from each week will square off in a head to head challenge, where you decide the next Chef Idol. The Chef Idol will be treated to a culinary getaway in their own backyard at the Inn at Essex.