Sunday, October 12, 2014

Caramel Apples; Comfort Food Is A Hoax; How To Cook A Steak; Best Drinking City

Monday morning (10/12/14) at 8:10am I will be live on WVMT-620am. Stream live or tune in as we talk 2014 trends and the latest food news. Below are some fun topics we may touch on.

A Healthier Caramel Apple

Drink This Now

She's A National Food Star and She's Coming To Vermont!

No Such Thing As Comfort Food?

Having A Halloween Party? Serve These

How To Cook A Steak

Ebola Threatens Chocolate

Waiter! There's An iPhone In My Soup 

Food Inspired Nail Art?

And The Award For Best Drinking City Goes To?

Are These Food Icons Real or Not

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