Sunday, October 9, 2016

Halloween Party Cheese; Tic Tac In The News; Luke's Diner; A Food Prank

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For Your Halloween Party

Tic Tac Respects All Women

The Swing State Cocktail 

Photo Captures Calorie Count?

People Are Freaking Out Over Luke's Diner Pop-Ups

Here's The New Big Drink For Fall

Eat Here Now- Hare Krishna Restaurants

Suds & Buds Coming To All States Soon 

What I Wish I Was Eating  or This Version 

Kayne's Favorite Restaurants 

4th Recall Of The Year - none for me, thanks

Food Pranking 

Ten Cutting-edge Food Trends 


Armenian Feast 10/14
Girls Night: Octoberfest 10/21
Thanksgiving Intensive 10/22
CCKS Book Club 11/10

Chef Contos kitchen & store
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