Saturday, January 23, 2010

News from my kitchen


We have finally adjusted to not having an abundance of cookies in our house. The cookie marathon was extremely fun, I highly recommend it! Smiles. Actually, I am not using my oven because I am waiting for our new hood. Let me bring you up-to-date, last fall Prince Charming and I drove to Chicago to pick up my great uncle Bob's, lightly used, beautiful, monster of a Wolf stove. Eight burners of commercial btu's. Vermont gas hooked the house up and long story short the stove which we call "uncle Bob" is in the kitchen. I still jump at the sight of the large, black, eight burner beast in the kitchen! Another addition to the sacred kitchen space is an antique rock maple, end grain, hand-made, butcher block. The condition is perfect! We adore our amazing find and are using it daily to chop and prep our meals. Thanks Prince Charming for secretly scanning craigslist. We had a party for each new addition, so needless to say it has been fun and busy here at the house. Smells of goat rib chops seasoned with rosemary and lemon zest, veal meat balls with bacon (goat and veal was purchased from Consider Bardwell Farm), and tons of ethnic homemade flatbreads are in the air.

Me, I am happily self employed! I offer a whole spectrum of culinary services on my website ( I am keeping busy traveling to homes teaching private cooking classes and preparing weekly menus for clients. Complete with recipes, shopping list, and helpful tips.
Yes, I am working on a cookbook proposal with my dear friend Susan Rogol. I will keep you posted on our outrageously fun progress. As far as the The Essex goes, I offer my culinary services to them for Vip events as their "celebrity chef".

In one month I will find myself learning authentic Mexican cooking at Sazon, in San Miguel Alliemte, Mexico. Sazon was voted one of the worlds best cookings by Gourmet Magazine. Click here to read...

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Happy New Year to you all!
Continue with you emails and wonderful comments. Thank you to all my positive clients.

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