Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bug Buddies

Well it is official, Jim and I are bug buddies and proud to bee!
June 9th at sunset we drove about 1 1/2 hours to Orwell VT, where we picked up hundreds of bees from Singing Cedars Apiaries. Two nucleus colonies to be exact which is 4 frames full of bees and the important queen bee. This will give us two bee hives.

We enjoyed our ride home on Vermont's winding back roads telling stories, full of excitement for our new friends the bees.

At 9:00 we safely brought the bees home to our beautiful oasis. The setting is full of wild flowers, wandering deer, happy singing birds, and a fine red barn off in the distance. We filled the smoker with dried pine needle and sparked it up. By smoking the bees they gorge themselves on honey — a survival instinct in case they must vacate the hive and recreate it elsewhere. This gorging has a tendency to pacify the bees. We then carefully arranged the bees on an old refurbished farm trailer. After the bees were all setup we sat in the truck smiling at our accomplishment and enjoyed the fire flies sparkling in the twilight!

Bee well and keep in touch with yourself!

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