Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Growing Food Now

Are you growing fruits and vegetables? Growing some of your fresh produce can be very simple and rewarding. My dedication to this growing your own food concept has transformed into a business. In a few weeks
I will be launching my new website and business. This will be a branch of ChefContos.com, I will still be educating Vermonters around the state about the joy's of cooking. The cool thing is, now I will also be teaching you how to grow your ingredients. Stay tuned!
The garden is doing great. We have eaten 30 plus salads out of the garden. My experiment of planting seeds in a cold frame on March 9th worked! The seeds sprouted on March 17th and we enjoyed our first salad on April 26th. Lettuces and radishes prefer to grow in cooler weather and as a result I have been thrilled with the flavor of the harvests. Seventy five radishes have been harvested and a constant cycle of replanting is on going.


Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful. Cover the tomatoes tonight. The Farmers Market seems to be off to a good start.

Jenn @leftoverqueen said...

GORGEOUS! Everything is just thriving!