Monday, July 11, 2011

Chef's Garden Tour

As I traveled up through Vermont to Maine on a recent trip, I noticed a tremendous amount of noncommercial vegetable gardens. It was a gorgeous June Sunday and out the car window I saw all ages working on small home garden plots with shovels and hoes. Thrilled at the thought of more people
growing some foods when the weather lets them, it got me thinking that this is certainly a fast growing trend. Recently I was quoted in the Washington Post (click to read) talking about how simple a small garden can be. Since I have a love for vegetable gardening and I'm a culinary educator, it seemed simple to tie the two together. Wither big or small, I am your consultant for a successful organic kitchen garden. Speaking of gardens, I will be the only all vegetable garden in the Essex Junction 2011 Garden Tour on July 17th, 10:00-4:00. I will be giving a walking tour of my unique vegetable and fruit garden, offering cooking tips and a few of my favorite preservation tips. Shortbread and lemon thyme lemonade while it lasts.
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