Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vermont Public Television

Last week I performed a cooking segment for Vermont Public Television. This will be aired multiple times and is part the the VPT Cooks fall fundraiser drive. When I was a little squirt I spent part of my weekends watching the cooking shows on Chicago Public Television. Perched on our kitchen counter, I 
would anxiously await Julia Child's, (The Frugal Gourmet, Justin Wilson, and Yan Can Cook were also on my radar) "The French Chef "menu for the day. Tuned in closely, on our small black and white TV, I listened to her every word. If Julia mentioned a dish that I wanted to cook/eat, instantly I jumped off the counter and started gathering the ingredients as she listed them off. Only once did we have everything I needed to complete the recipe. My mind was certain that my mother and Julia would have communicated the recipes prior to the show and that our kitchen would have all the ingredients ready for me to prepare the recipes. This is what I thought cooking shows were all about. Sure, sometimes you were lazy and just watched someone else cook, but most of the time you were supposed to cook with them. Those were the days of my pure innocence. So as I walked into the VPT studios, is was an absolute honor, to be giving my time back to one of the sources of my inspired culinary youth.

Airs: September 24th 2:00, September 25th 12:00, September 28th 7:00, October 1st 12:00
Sean Buchanan and I getting prepped before the cameras started recording. 
Organized and ready to start!
The VPT crew were so kind and fun to work with.

I was given a tour of the control room where I ran into an acquaintance Emily.
The phones were quite that day but I know they will be ringing soon.

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