Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trust Me Chocolate Lovers

I lust for for the dark, fine, and rich taste of a hot chocolate made with Valrhona cocoa. We are getting intimate now! Entering my personal world of rewards also known as sweet treats. Daily I find myself grabbing a spoon, dipping it into natural peanut butter, and garnishing with a few chips of Valrhona's
 66% chocolate or sometimes I place a couple of chips on my tongue and let them dissolve with a pinch of fleur de sel. Today as I sat and worked in front of the toasty bed of coals keeping me warm, I desired a hot chocolate. One so rich and divine that you can't put it down. My recipe: 1/4 soy milk, the rest water, lots of cocoa powder, bittersweet chips, generous pinch of fresh ground cinnamon, and Uncle Danny's honey to taste. Sipping the hot potion slowly I felt as though I may have been transported back to a simpler time.

So trust me when I say, the best cocoa powder money can buy is Valrhona! Substitute nothing.

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