Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Moving Into Darkness

As we move into darkness the harvest season is slowing down for me. Yesterday I harvested the last cauliflower. It was so beautiful, I remember when I planted the seed back in March, along with 29 others. I nurtured it all the way to the soup pot. The first week the seeds were planted and kept warm
with the help of my old Wolf gas stove, these pilot lights are helpful in so many ways. They lived on the stove on top of my Le Creuset reversible grill pan (most-used pan in the kitchen). Protected again in a seed starting tray, covered to keep moist. The warmth encourages germination: once they germinate they go to the light. But here we are, nestled in for the darkest part of the year. The question I had was how am I going to cook this special November prize of a cauliflower? Being a cool day and sinking into the new season, I opted for simplicity and something to take the chill off, so soup it was! This is how it went down: Olive oil, sauteed onions, caraway seeds, diced apple, cauliflower, chicken stock, s/p, splash of sherry vinegar. All pureed into a healthy pot of comforting goodness.

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