Wednesday, January 4, 2012

10 Tools Every Kitchen Should Have

Give your kitchen a fresh start in 2012. Below is my list of kitchen essentials, what every successful kitchen should have. What does it mean to be have a successful kitchen? How about having quality
kitchen tools that get the job done and don't frustrate you. Or having a knife you love to use with a large chopping block that is well taken care of. Think about getting rid of what you don't use and creating some space for new culinary beginnings. Smile, as cooking should be fun and relaxing producing meals you and your family will enjoy.
  1. Rosle swivel peeler
  2. Microplane - Fine for zesting and grating nutmeg & Medium for cheese, chocolate, and ginger
  3. A knife you love to use
  4. Large thick chopping block
  5. Bench scraper
  6. Rosle spatula
  7. Metal tongs
  8. Pepper mill
  9. Le Creuset silcone spatula
  10. 12 inch fry pan- All Clad or Cast Iron

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