Sunday, July 8, 2012

How Wacky Does Your Ice Cream Get?

From left: Todd Heisler; Christopher Gregory; Sara Krulwich  
So far this summer is all about wacky and sophisticated ice cream flavors. Here's a recent story out of the New York Times that highlights more sophisticated flavors like tart pink lemonade and intense
coffee ice cream made in Brooklyn. On a more wacky side, Daily Mail reported flavors such as grilled sweetcorn, parsnip, mustard (really?), and cigar smoked caramel (that's one I would like to try). This year Wimbledon inspired chefs all around the globe to create flavors such as Pimm's Cup, grass, and hay. Hay flavored ice cream may fly in Vermont, but for me, I'm craving something sweet and salty. Maybe salted peanut root beer?. Hopefully I'll make some soon, first I need find room in the freezer (that's loaded with the strawberry harvest) so that my ice cream machine base will fit. You'll be first to know how it comes out. In the meantime, enjoy your personal favorite flavor of ice cream or soft serve, but don't forget to be daring and try something new this summer.

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