Friday, May 10, 2013

Dinner With Solar Panels; Veggie Plants Sale; Store Update

Having diner on a working farm is not only fun and delicious but I love the connection to where my food comes from so much that to dine with the farmers is truly a pleasure!

Last Saturday evening Prince Charming and I joined 48 others for a dinner at Jericho Settlers Farm. The money raised from the dinner went to help families in need of food. The event started with a nicely detailed farm tour lead by Christa, then we enjoyed hors o'doeuvres and drinks outside the barn and later walked down to the field to have dinner.

Jericho Settlers Farm has a plant CSA (I'm signed up) and public plant sale that is not to be missed. As home gardeners we are so lucky to be able to purchase such strong and healthy vegetable starts from experts like Christa and Mark!

Store Update:
  • 20 off anything yellow until Mother's Day (Le Creuset, dishtowels, lemon juicers...)
  • PopUp Blueberry Pie Demo Saturday at 12:00 (no charge). Stop in and say hi!
  • Samosas & Chai class next Saturday $24 12:0--2:00 Sign up

About 1000 red sussex chickens laying around 800 eggs a day. The eggs are distributed to the Jericho Settlers year round CSA's and sold to area restaurants such as Guild & Company + Kitchen Table Bistro.

These chickens take 7-8 weeks to equal a five pound broiler. They are bread to grow fast. After the chickens are     done with the area, above ground vegetables are planted in the fertile soil.

egg washing station

I love that Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent is used to wash the eggs. 

They average 30 pounds of tomatoes per plant. They sucker all but one and let the two vines grow. 

Crista demonstrated how to use a soil blocker. I'm a big fan of these, I use mine to start all of my seeds. 

Pork Rillette with Pickled Ramp

Raw Turnip with Beets and Goat Cheese

Wood for the smoker

Seated dinner for 50 lucky eaters

Hen Of The Wood chefs

Raspberry Shortcake

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