Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Office

The Office Desk

By Liz Bernier aka "Liz-tastic'

At the store we have a tiny office, actually tiny may even be putting it nicely. If there is more than one person in it, no one can move. During the weekend, when we have classes, the desk in the office becomes a catch all. Things that might be in the kitchen if there isn't a class, get tossed onto the desk, along with items that will be used in class. 

These items can be anything from silverware and napkin sets for class, to our favorite Chanel lipsticks and the shelves we bought three months ago but just haven't found their home on a wall yet. Sometimes there is the odd box of newly arrived merchandise that we haven't unpacked yet, those always make
maneuvering the office (and especially the freezer) an adventure. We always joke about the condition of the desk on weekends. On Friday it tends to be a little on the tame side, but once it is time for the Saturday class, we can barely see the surface of the desk, and at the end of the night we end up doing a office desk detox of sorts. We always take pictures of the most hysterical and absurd collection of items that find their way onto the desk, so enjoy some of our favorites below!

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