Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tomatoes Take Center Stage

This wednesday I will be giving a talk and cooking demonstration at the Brownell Library. The evenings topic is focussed on managing our abundant zucchini and tomato harvests. Everyone will receive recipes and ideas for using your harvest. Tastings of-course!

Harvest time is here and I am grateful the blight hasn't hit my garden. This morning I brought in 20 plum tomatoes and 1 quart of sungolds.

Tomatoes preserve wonderfully, and some of my favorite ways are to make tomato paste and oven-dried tomatoes. They freeze perfectly and I will be able to use these staple ingredients all winter long. Another bonus is they don't overcrowd the freezer. Which is good for me because we only have one freezer, and it is filled with berries that Prince Charming and I picked this summer.

I found watching this video worth my time!

~ Courtney

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for attaching the Jamie Oliver clip. I watched his show last season and it had an incredicle impact on me.