Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lights Camera Action

The Summer days were so fun and relaxing this year! Harvesting from my garden was a daily ritual and up until last week I was picking my everbearing strawberries. My frost hardy crops are doing great, come to think of it
we had garden arugula with roasted beets as part of our dinner tonight. Also on our dinner table was a tomatillo soup with shredded chicken and diced potatoes garnished with queso fresco. The back porch is loaded with large piles of bright green tomatillos and dirty beets of all sizes. Still on the vine are Brussels sprouts that will eventually grace our Thanksgiving Day table. Soon I will write more about how I have preserved the harvest and what you can still do.

Recently I completed the filming part of a fun project my friend Cole and I have been working on. Early next year we will be releasing a "how to" butchering series. You will be the first to know when it released. Enjoy a sneak peak into one of our days of filming. 

Tune into WCAX-TV Channel 3 6:50am Friday morning to watch me prepare a seasonal dessert using the pumpkin!

Happy fall to you all. Enjoy the time and take good care.

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