Thursday, November 11, 2010

All In A Weekend

 Last weekend Prince Charming and I drove down route 30 to Southern Vermont. After checking into the lovely Dorset Inn we headed over to our friends' dairy farm. 
A farm that makes cheese and not just any cheese. Taylor farm is the only farm in Vermont making Gouda cheese. The 35 dairy cows keep the farm helpers busy from dawn to dusk and the result is flavorful creamy gouda. We tasted and savored the good times.
Taylor Farm, Londonderry Vermont.

Three pens along the back wall of the milking room housed about
three calfs in each pens. The beautiful and happy baby
cows seemed very comfortable in large clean comfy pens. They 

were thrilled that we stopped by to say hello giving us kisses and smiles.
Cheese molds stacked high awaiting fresh curds.
These will be lined with cheese cloth and packed
with cheese curds. Then stacked on top of each other and weighted down.
The cheese making room at Taylor Farm is active Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
The Taylor Farm store is filled with lots of fresh cheese made on the farm.
I found a nettle gouda that is made in small seasonal batches sold only
 locally. The store also sells all kinds of delicious Vermont foods.
Curious and loving farm dogs.
We tasted the Taylor Farm aged gouda. The wheels of cheese age for 1 1/2 years.
We graciously accepted an invitation to stay for dinner. 
Delicious food and great conservation were abundant.
On Saturday a full house sat and listened as I talked
Thanksgiving cooking at the J.K Adams Kitchen Store in
Dorset Vermont.  The class was held in the factory
where they make all kinds of quality wood kitchen products.
We had fun!

Back at home on Sunday we picked up our first winter
Community Supported Agriculture from Jericho Settlers Farm. 
The potatoes varieties at Jericho Settlers Farm made the chef
 in me smile and want to get cooking.
The CSA pick up is every two weeks and the directions are very clear as what
 to take for the farm share you have chosen. The list of benefits from eating local
farm fresh foods really adds to my joy of cooking. 
Sunday supper tasted so fresh and healthy. 
Back at home laying out the vegetables and making menu plans.
On Sunday it was time to turn our festive Halloween decorations into food.
So I roasted tons of pumpkins for future pies, breads, and pancakes.
Pumpkin puree is easy to make, simply roast whole, scoop, and puree.
I like to freeze the puree in 15-ounce bags for future use.
Pumpkins seeds that I roasted with maple syrup
and sea salt, crunchy, sweet, and very seasonal.
Marshmallow loves to stay close to mom and appreciates a good photo op.

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