Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You Can Help...

Winter storms and heavy wet snow weakened the big barn at Taylor Farm in Londonderry Vermont, causing it to collapse Sunday morning. One farm worker was slightly injured, fourty plus cows were trapped, and one cow was killed. Immediately Jon Wright the owner of Taylor Farm, had to send 20 cows to auction to ease the situation. Placing the other cows in the milking parlor. It is with great sadness to be reporting this news as farmers all over are getting hit with obstacles, challenging them to stay in operation. Strangely enough it was almost two years ago to the day that the big barn collapsed in similar conditions. This is a devastating loss to a good friend and his family. This 180 year old dairy farm needs your support. Please consider matching my $100.00 donation.
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You may remember last fall I posted pictures from my visit to the only farm in Vermont (click here to read that posting), making Raw Milk Gouda Cheese. His cheese is superb with a variety to choose from, I am a lover of the cellar aged gouda. You may purchase Taylor Farm cheese and other Vermont made products at taylorfarmvermont.com. When you are in the area of Londonderry Vermont, Taylor farm has a darling farm store, educational events, and they offer magical sleigh rides through Vermont's pristine winter landscape. You must stop in and say hi! Become a part of the rebuilding the big barn and DONATE today.

"Farming is hard enough without having something like this happen" Jon Wright.


Margot said...

Courtney- Thanks for your support. Jon is an abundantly generous person and now people are showing their appreciation of his attitude by showing their support. He has touched many people.
Mimi Wright

Chef Courtney Contos said...

Your welcome Mimi, wish I could do more!