Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Can Howard Dean Cook?

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Former VT Governor Howard Dean makes great politics, but can he cook? Turns out, yes he can! As I watched him whip up chocolate blueberry pancakes, it looked like he was quite comfortable in the kitchen. This semi-rare combination of chocolate and blueberries was something his creative mind dreamed up. King Arthur Flour's buttermilk pancake mix worked great as his dry ingredients, and promotes a Vermont made product. Using a fork, he mixed in local 2% milk and the batter quickly came together. He heated his pan, added a coating of oil, and the cameras started rolling. The batter went into the pan, then flipping the pancakes he surprised us all! He casually flipped the pancakes high into the air! Yes, catches air, and he's good at it! He graciously declined my offer to help with dishes saying he was more than happy to do his own clean up. The Dean pancakes were tasty, especially coated in Vermont's gold, maple syrup!
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