Friday, November 18, 2011

"Pots, Pan's, & Politicians" ... And The Winner Is?

"Pots, Pans, and Politicians" week is wrapping today as I announce the winner of the celebrity breakfast cook-off . All week I have watched Vermont's top politicians cook breakfast before a live camera and now it's time to pick the "best of show". Not my first rodeo, picking the winner is never easy. WCAX's judging categories are: taste, creativity, originality, and presentation. After watching current LT
Governor Phil Scott, former VT Governors Jim Douglas, Howard Dean, and Madeleine Kunin, it is clear they all enjoy cooking but a quick course in TV food styling might have been helpful. Seriously, we had great fun and it was truly a pleasure to be a part of this historic cook-off. There are no hanging chads and a recount will not be necessary. Know how dog owners tend to resemble their pets? Is it possible that people cook like their personalities?

                        Jim Douglas             Phil Scott            Howard Dean            Madeleine Kunin
                         (Microwave        (French Toast)           (Blueberry         (Swedish Blender Muesli)
                          Oatmeal)                                         Chocolate Pancakes)        

Taste-                      2                              4                             5                                      3        
Creativity-              1                              1                             4                                      4
Originality-            5                              5                             2                                      2
Presentation-          1                              1                             2                                      1

Totals-                   9                            11                        13                             10

Howard Dean won!
Click here to watch us announcing the winner and orange links above to watch each segment. 

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