Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First Harvest and Upcoming Garden Class

As a new garden season approaches, I am geared up and have already made my first harvest. Next "Grow More Food At Home" Chef Contos garden event is at the Bristol Library on March 20th 6:30. 

Mache harvested on 3/1/12 that over wintered nicely. This is planted in the fall as a winter green. Tiny and delicate yet so sweet and green. Makes a nice salad garnish. 

Another wonderful use of the pilot lights on our commercial gass stove. 

The house is loaded with pea shoots that turn into salad in 8 days. Only window light is need. 

Broccoli sprouts growing for salad garnish. 

Escarole starts. The medium I use for blocking is Fort Vee by VT Compost Company

Carrots harvested out of our raised bed/cold frame on 3/1/12

Raised bed that is seeded with sugar snap peas and hardy greens. 

Ten varieties of tomato that have now sprouted and are under grow lights.  

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