Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Fast Diet; Nutella Hoarding; Breakup Foods; 36% Funded Kickstarter


Tune into 620am WVMT Monday morning at 8:10am as I report food news, trends and share some cool foods that will be sold in my new store. Hey, what about that new store? Plans are coming along nicely with tons of neutral painting, building slick shelves, and stocking inventory!
My doors will open early April with promises of the coolest inventory and of course memorable cooking classes with yours truly and other local experts! My Kickstarter is 36% funded and has 11 days to go. Donations may be big ($250) or small ($10). Kickstarter is a great way to financially support cool businesses! Thank you for your support!!!

What I Wish I Was Eating and These

Sex Tips From Anthony Bourdain, Because Why Not?

Worlds Top 10 Most Innovative Food Companies 

Guess What Grocer Is Now Going To Be Labeling GE Foods?

Nutella Hoarders?

Cooking May Save Your Life So Sign Up For A Class!

5:2 diet is flooding England

New Study Shows The Flavanols In This Food Will Make You Smarter

Fine Dining Makes A Comeback!

Vaportini? Come on, really

The Academy Nominated This Documentary

Top 10 Breakup Foods 

Love Sriracha? Send Your Fan Mail To This Man, Avoid The Imitation, and Try This Recipe

New Study Shows This Fruit To Be Nutrients When Organic

A Shift On Montreal Menus

When To Salt Beans Before Or After Cooking? Thee Divine New England Bean Recipes
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