Sunday, April 6, 2014

CCKS Turned One

On April 2nd Chef Contos kitchen & store turned One... so we celebrated! 

This year has flown by, I feel like it should still be November but here we are springtime in Vermont!
As a 1st year business owner I am most surprised and thrilled by all of the new friends that I have made  through customers, vendors, and neighbors. CCKS has created a community centered around food and will continue to be a resource for inspired cooks and entertainers. My goal for this next year is to continue striving for excellence in every area of the business whether it be searching for the latest fun specialty foods, perfecting recipes for our new cooking classes, or collaborating with other local business. 

Charlie Trotter

Liztastic's Hodad (Fiddlehead Brewery) Burnt Caramels were a hit

It took 7 bags of hardwood lump charcoal and some oak to roast a 48 pound lamb

 Girls can cook with fire!

Liztastic passion and enthusiasm for the culinary world helps make CCKS a success!

During the day we offered complimentary knife sharpening thanks to Jim Cunningham 

Good friends like Lauren make everything better

A hostess gift like no other…lemon jello shots

Thanks to Cyrus for hand-turning the lamb for 4 hours!

 It was an honor to have Mark from Jericho Settlers Farm at the party. 
Jericho Settlers Farm now has a Shelburne drop at CCKS for their killer Summer CSA! 

Liztastic make a carrot almond cake that was delicious 

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