Sunday, May 11, 2014

Food News: New Food Trend; Sabering Video; Summer Reading & Watching

Monday morning (5/12/14) at 8:10am I will be live on WVMT-620am. Stream live or tune in as we talk 2014 trends and the latest food news. Below are some fun topics we may touch on.

Have You Sabered? (watch)

Old Bay Rising

Where Is The Worlds Largest Wine Cellar?

Are Artificial Coloring Worse For Kids Than Sugar?

Summer Read

GMO Label Law Passes In Vermont. "Those opposed will put up a fight. Help us fight back."

Pigs Raised To Taste Like Whiskey

Rhubarb Is Coming…You make like this crumb cake or this

The Joy Of Cooking Is Now An App!

The Next Big Food Trend Is…And Even The White House Is Enjoying It.

8 Most Exciting Food-ish Movies 

Speaking Of Movies…Here Is A New One For The Food Lover

Top Ten Bakeries In The US

Knife Sharpening 5/18 11-2
Genius Summer Sauces 5/24
Girls Night: Tiki Party 5/30 (2 spaces)

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