Monday, August 25, 2014

CCKS After Hours: The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece

By Liz Bernier aka "Liz-tastic'

When the customer who let us borrow his lamb roaster dropped it off, he explained all the pieces to us. There was one piece that he said we could not lose, because if we did the who thing would not be able to run. It was what connected the spit to the motor. Of course this piece was the smallest one of them all, about the size of a quarter. I immediately took the piece and put it in a safe place where it could not be lost, and I told everyone not to move it. 

We cooked the lamb, and we did it without losing the piece. We took apart the roaster and I took the piece and put it back in the safe place from before. We had gotten through it all without losing it. Or so I thought. At some point between the day after the party and the day before it was to be picked up, the piece was lost. Courtney had taken it out to show someone and then put it in an envelope. We looked everywhere for this piece, in the garbage, filing cabinets, our cars, purses, I even took apart the printer and looked under the cash register for it with no luck. We searched for about 2 days with no luck, finally Connie looked in her purse again and found it!  It had fallen off the office desk and into her purse. We were so relieved, I think at one point we were even looking online to see if we could order the piece. LOL

Just another moment behind the scenes at a Vermont cooking school.

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